Friday, September 30, 2011

Last post on this blog

Hey all I'm combining Crazy about green and Vegetable Container Garden. It will give me more time to update my blogs and keep up with bloggers I like to read. So if your one of my readers I hope you will hop on over To Crazy About green. Here is a quick link for you.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm a happy gardener

I got the best deal over the Memorial day weekend. Buy one get one free on earth boxes.

I was thinking of making my own since normally these self watering boxes are about 60 bucks each. But I was browsing at the local nursery and saw a sign up for buy one get one free on all pots and planters.

The Earth Boxes weren't located near the sign but in another room so I wasn't sure they were part of the deal. I had to ask 6 people before I got an answer most of them didn't even know they were having that sale. Finally I found someone who said they were.

Of course when I got to the register they had to call back to find out since they didn't know about the sale either but I finally got out of the store with my planters. I think I should have grabbed two more so I could try my had at some new veggies but I my wallet said NO!

I'm using them for tomatoes, zucchini, and watermelon (I got one last year) but next year I think I"m going to give Corn a go. According to the directions you can grow 16 stocks in each one.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Spring is Bursting out all Over!

Spring is here and I've been as lazy as a hibernating bear.  I'm not only behind on my posting but I haven't even started my seedlings. 
I have however been spending my long winters rest learning more about gardening and have plenty to share. 

I'll start with my forgotton seedlings.  I've been trying for years to get a good batch of seedlings started but have met with skinny scraggly seedlings that don't produce well.  It turns out that when you start seeds indoors your supposed to have a light positioned a couple of inches away from the plants.  This is to keep the seedlings from "stretching" to reach the light.  This allows for a sturdier seedling.  I have an extra lamp with a hanger for our turtle I think I will repurpose it as a day lamp for my seedlings.  Since tomorrow is my day off it will be a good time to get started!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Seed Catalogs Have Arrived

Only three of them but it has me thinking of spring. I'm got my first order set... I just need to place it. I'm ordering from the Gurney catalog and taking advantage of the free $25 coupon it has. I'll have to spend $50 total but they have some really nice looking patio blueberry bushing I want to get. I'm also ordering some strawberries. I wanted to plant some last year but the only plants I could find were sold individually from about $5 a piece I couldn't find anyone who was selling them in the packs.